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>Better Prospects for Neuroscience and Tourism Courses

Dr. T.P.Sethumadhavan
Neuroscience has acquired the status one of the emerging sciences of the 21st century. Huge progress has been made in experimental approaches and techniques. The imaging and recording of brain activity provides extensive experimental data about different aspects of brain functioning. Theoretical neuroscience provides information on basic mechanisms underlining brain function at the cellular, circuit and systems levels.
Among different UK universities, Center for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (CTCN) at the University of Plymouth, UK is one of the leading centers in the field of theoretical neuroscience. Comprehensive expertise of computational, mathematical and neuroscience provides unique opportunity for students to acquire multi-disciplinary training. It envisages comprehensive knowledge of theoretical principles and concepts of brain functioning, mathematical and computational modeling of brain neural activity and cognitive function and statistical techniques of neuroscience data analysis.

Core modules include foundations of neurobiology & theoretical neuroscience, functional neuroanatomy, neural computation, Research skills, Neurobiology and modeling of the sensory¬ motor system, optometry & auditory system, Statistical methods in neuroscience, computational models of cognitive function, Biophysical models of neural dynamics and cognition and research project on theoretical and computational neuroscience.

Tourism & Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality sectors are acquiring momentum in the country, which provides more than 10% of total world employment. It has been estimated that, by 2007, more than 10 Crore people worldwide will be employed in this industry. The nature of tourism and hospitality is continually developing in scope and direction, away from traditional activities, to a wide range of new activities including cultural tourism, farm tourism, adventure tourism and eco tourism.

Considering the growing importance of this sector, many people are looking for suitable programmes, which will help them to prepare for management positions within tourism and hospitality.
Programme aimed at creating managers within the tourism and hospitality sectors will help to develop a strategic perspective while enhancing their management skills. The programme reflects changes in theory, practice and services management education.
Moreover this will provide a wide range of challenging, innovative and flexible learning, strategies that seek to develop the important leadership aspects of service managers.
MS International Tourism is designed for international tourism industry executives, Government officials and those who are interested in tourism and related sectors. Students can specialize in the issues arising from contemporary tourism around the world by taking an innovative, analytical and critical perspective on tourism and its relationship with the physical, cultural, economic and technological environments.

This specialist programme will provide an in-depth understanding of international tourism themes and issues. It will show you international tourism can be marketed and managed and how information technology can be effectively utilized in the tourism sector.
MS in International Tourism will provide a clear perspective of career opportunities of the travel and tourism industry and will have the capability to become a travel industry executive or a public sector tourism manager in India or abroad.



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