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>YOGA : Makes your face skin glow

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing is out of fashion and now there’s a new way to facial care. Yoga! That’s right! Now you can do yoga to tone up your facial muscles. And it’s not just for the 50 plus, but even the y-gen. Yoga will make you look vibrant, glowing and youthful. So junk all that boring skin and face routine. And the best part is, you can do this even in the car before you reach your workplace! So here are some ways to tone up your face:

1. Lion’s-roar

Open your eyes wide and stretch the tongue out and down as much as you can. Now roar like a lion. Bring as much tension as you can to your face and neck. Hold it for about 20 counts with normal breathing. Then relax. Now, you can see your face going red with increased blood circulation. This will help you fight the wrinkles and instead you’ll get glowing skin.

2. Laugh-it-off

This is something that comes most naturally to all of us. Still to get you in the habit, you can join a laughter club in your neighbourhood park, or better still, try watching a cartoon a day. All this will surely make you laugh.

Apart from the numerous benefits of laughter, here’s what it does to your face: it brings a happy glow to your face and makes your eyes shine with a thin film of tears. This helps to increase the lung capacity, thus enhancing oxygen supply to the body and face and toning those uncorked muscles.

3. Exaggerated vowels

Try and stretch and exaggerate each vowel loudly, putting as many facial muscles to use as possible. Aaaa—eeee—iiiii- —ooooo- —uuuuu. This is regarded as one of the oldest facial exercises with all good benefits for the face one can think of. And moreover, its fun getting back to kindergarten!



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