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>Yoga for reducing belly fat : Flab-belly to Fab-Belly


You’d be surprised to know how many of us think that we are solely responsible for making this earth heavy and are overburdening it with our excess weight! Though it’s healthy to be slim and fit, but it’s ugly to be anorexic too. The art lies in finding the right balance, so make sure you read the fine line. Whatever said and done, I’m not canvassing for you to be ok with any unnecessary excess flab. This is why I thought of taking up the ubiquitous excess-weight problem this week, and addressing the basic concern of all…the tummy! Here’s what I have to suggest.

1. Touch-my-knee:

Lie on your back. Lift your one knee and bend it towards your chest with the help of your hands. Try and make your nose touch your knee. The second leg remains on the ground. Once we become comfortable, try raising the second leg in the air till about a 45 degrees tilt. Remain in the pose for around 30 seconds. Then slowly get back and relax. Alternate with the other leg. Repeat the round twice.

2. Forward-bend:

Sit down with your legs stretched out together and the arms extended in the air upwards. Now try and stretch yourself by getting your back and palms down to touch the toes. While doing this contract your stomach muscles. Try holding your toes now with your hands. Stay for as long as possible and then come up. Relax and then repeat once more. You would need a good level of flexibility to do this, so don’t exert yourself on the first day. First warm up and then do it gradually. You might not attain these poses perfectly in the first few days, but don’t bother, gradually it would come around.

3. Cobra-style:

Lie down with the forehead on the ground. Keep the legs together and the arms at the sides with the palms by the side of the thighs. Now bring the arms closer to shoulder and then bend the arms at the elbows to bring the palms right below the shoulder. Tilt the head upwards to look up. Then slowly arch the spine and pressing the palms raise the upper trunk from the ground. Stay for 20 counts. Then slowly resume to normal position. Repeat twice.



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