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>Ten cubicle – free jobs

Luckily, workers who enjoy their stationary workdays can stay seated in cubicle jobs and those struck with wanderlust can find other positions.

For them, here are 10 jobs that don’t require you to work in a cubicle:

1. Paramedics and emergency medical technicians

You’ll find them … at the scene of medical emergencies, in hospitals and in ambulances.

2. Firefighters

You’ll find them … where there’s smoke. But firefighters don’t just put out fires — as if that weren’t enough — they also have medical training to assist emergency victims, and some are also qualified to handle and remove hazardous materials.

3. Mail carriers and package delivery drivers

You’ll find them … in your neighborhood bringing you letters, packages and shipments. Delivery drivers work for shipping companies, retail stores and manufacturers and are responsible for deliveries for customers in a specified region.

4. Truck drivers

You’ll find them … on highways throughout the country. Drivers can be assigned to make shipments in nearby regions or over long distances. What they transport, such as vehicles or furniture, also depends on the type of truck and their employer.

5. Grounds maintenance workers

You’ll find them … outdoors, ensuring that lawns, gardens and all landscaping retains its manicured appearance. Grounds maintenance workers can also be found maintaining football fields, cemeteries and other grounds that aren’t your typical garden.

6. Couriers and messengers

You’ll find them … zipping through traffic on bikes or jumping out of their vans in order to make sure your letters get to their destinations. Carriers transport documents, files and other important packages for clients within a limited area.

7. Elementary teacher

You’ll find them … in a classroom trying to settle down hyper students and pour some knowledge into their minds. Between lecturing and working one-on-one with students, teachers might spend most of their days in a classroom, but they’re not seated behind a desk for most of it.

8. Security guards

You’ll find them … walking the grounds (or riding Segways) of retail shops, museums, banks and any other place you want to make sure nobody breaks into or steals from. Security guards are sometimes positioned at a certain spot to ensure no one leaves or enters with authorization, but others walk the grounds to ensure everything is going smoothly.

9. Veterinarians

You’ll find them … at your local animal clinic and animal hospital. Although many veterinarians either work in these settings or have their own practices, many also treat larger animals on farms, ranches and even zoos.

10. Construction workers

You’ll find them … anywhere you hear a jackhammer or drill. Construction jobs aren’t confined to any one place. Skyscrapers, schools, highways and homes need construction workers for building, renovation and demolition.



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