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>Aiswarya Rai Says she been with AR Rahman most of the times


Bollywood actor and former beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan said that she has always been a fan of double-Oscar winner AR Rahman, and feels fortunate that maximum of her films featured maestro’s music.

“Working with Rahman has been an absolute pleasure. It’s not just from Taal to Guru, but it”s from Iruvar till Ravana.

In fact, maximum of my films have enjoyed the music of Rahman and as a music lover and fan, I have always admired his music and he is a gifted musician,” Rai said, while addressing a press conference in Kolkata.

The Bollywood actress, who was in Kolkata for the shooting of her upcoming flick Ravana, said she was elated at Rahman’s double win at the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire.

Rai added, though Rahman was very much celebrated in India but winning Oscar meant the global recognition, which was special.

Talking about Hollywood flick The Pink Panther 2, Rai said the experience of working with actor Steve Martin has been enriching.

“Working with Steve Martin was a good experience since he is the institution of comedy. We grew up watching his movies. So when it came to working with him and since he had already worked in Pink Panther before, so you know the kind of film you are going to be a part of. I am very happy that I got a chance to work with all these great actors because I feel experience is the greatest teacher of all,” the Bollywood star said.

Comparing her character in Ravana with the one in hardcore Hollywood flick, Pink Panther, the former Miss World said her characters in both the films were quite challenging.

“These are very different. One is Mani Ratnam and the other Pink Panther. So you can assume what the audience can expect. Those who watch English movie know about Pink Panther. Mani Ratnam is the kind of filmmaker we know he is, so he will present that kind of cinema only,” Rai opined.



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