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>Cricketers are not in safe hands anymore

>No international cricketer is safe anywhere, says the sport’s governing body.

The terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team convoy in Lahore this week forever changed the sporting world’s landscape, and the International Cricket Council cannot guarantee the safety and security of any national teams, chief executive Haroon Lorgat said on Sunday.

When asked if the ICC was unable to ensure player security at the 2011 World Cup scheduled for the subcontinent, he replied: “That would be the attitude to any event anywhere in the world.”

Lorgat said the ICC will issue a more extensive response to the Lahore attack, in which six police officers and a bus driver were killed and seven players and a coach wounded, most of them not seriously.

The militants, armed with rocket launchers, hand grenades and assault rifles, ambushed Sri Lanka outside Gaddafi Stadium en route to the third day’s play of the second test against Pakistan. Police suspect local militants were responsible for the assault, an investigator said.

“We are all aware of how that is likely to change the landscape on security assessments going forward and the kind of threat we might face not just in cricket but in all sports,” Lorgat said.

“That’s because, in my view, that is a barrier that has been breached and once you cross over something of that sort, I think things will change forever.

“We will respond in a manner that will be responsible and proper and we have scheduled an agenda item for the board meeting in April, where we would like to fully assess what has transpired and how we will respond.”



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